Halloween serie: Big book of Halloween review

Here’s a review of one of my favorite Halloween inspiration book for craft and ideas. It’s the Big book of Halloween from Better homes and gardens.
A couple of years ago, I found it on the special table at the Indigo bookstore in Montreal. I couldn’t believe people weren’t jumping on a Halloween book around August! 😉
It has tons of great ideas in it to inspire you when you need it the most during this month of october. Here’s a few of them:

I adore how they use beads with pumpkins, it really add a fancy touch to any Halloween party.
And how about this pumpkin made into a black cat? The way they construct it is so clever.

Even thought theses costumes are made for kids in mind, I seriously thought about making one for myself! I love how easy they while still being great ideas.

Ever thought about using the DIY Chritmas ornament in craft store to make them as Halloween ornaments, intead? Very Jack Squeleton, indeed!

My favorite has to be this one with it’s swirl of colors. It’s very easy to make as all the colors are paint in the inside of the ornament with a paintbrush.

I wish we had thoses plastic milk jars in Québec just so I could make theses characters. I don’t know if some Canadians has them. We only have small plastic bags here. Could someone from the States please send me one? :-p

And no Halloween is complete without some “freaky food”, as I like to call it. This Halloween forest would make a great hors-d’oeuvre for a party. Mmm…

Sometimes, I long the good-old-days without the internet (just sometimes!) when we would send out invites to our friends to a party.
This funny skeleton is made with Fimo clay. Earlier in the book, they also show you how to make a cute ghost necklace and earrings with it. Gotta love Fimo.


Ever heard of this book before? Maybe it’s a classic Halloween book and I just don’t know it. Let me know if this is one of your favorite as well so we can share the Better homes and garden Halloween love. 😀

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