Studio makeover

I’m not much of an interior design geek, but after seing Kristin‘s blog post about her new studio, I got inspired to do the same and show you the makeover we had to do when we entered our appartment, about a year ago.

Just because we all like “Before & After” pictures. ^-^

Our studio was a children room before we got in and, somehow, the tenants before us thoughts it was a good idea to glue children posters on it’s walls with… silicone sealant! Eww.

Here’s a bigger size of the main picture. I loved the fact that my huge “Lord of the Rings” poster fitted perfectly with the room’s color. Not to mention Morgane on the scanner….

Here’s our thrusty drawing table. Included with  inspirational board and a small square marker board. Theses are so useful for deadlines.
Oh, and please don’t mind the kitty litter box refill on the right. :-p

And what’s a small studio without some “food for the mind”? As you can see, I have way too many  books & magazines. I try to restrain myself and use the “One comes in, one come out” rule, but it’s not always easy. 
And that’s my  makeup chair in the front, just in case you’re wondering what’s that big thing. :-p


If you’d like to do the same on your blog, please go ahead! I love to see other’s favorite work environment. It is so inspiring!


3 Responses to “Studio makeover”

  1. 1 Sandy November 12, 2009 at 2:03 pm

    i want a Felix clock for so long !
    how adorable ! 😛

  2. 3 Kristin December 1, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    Oh that is so neat! You did quite the clean up. Your studio looks so inviting with that wonderful yellow! I’m glad you were inspired to show of your workspace, it’s such fun to see!

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