Montreal Expozine 2009

Picture of Expozine 2006 from Meantux via Flickr.

At this year’s Montreal Expozine, I was really amazed at the quality of work. There was over about 300 vendors from all over the country (Some even came as far as from Europe) and there was a great mix of people from different art backgrounds. (Think indie art scene, mangas, animation, science-fiction novels… there were all there!)

Montreal is a multicultural city and, even though we get along quite well, we don’t always”mix” often. So it was fun to hear french and english all around and people switching over from one language to another. I think the next step would be to bring along people from different cultures as well, other than the francophone and anglophone communities.

Here’s some of the catch I made this year. 🙂

I love Microcosm publishing and I’m always happy to see their table after each year. They always have some interesting and different titles out. I got theses two books which I remembered seing on their website and wanted to get for awhile. Screenprinting and zine making, what’s not to like about this?

Oh, and I think their Best Friends Forever program is awesome. For 15-25$ per month, you get their new titles and you also support them. I think Montreal indie publishers should offer something like this to their loyal readers.

I also discovered a selection of short stories magazine named Biscuit Chinois (Chinese/Fortune cookie).
I’ve seen it around in local bookstores but never took the time to take a closer look at it. (Shame on me!) The print and design quality of this book is very good for an indie publishing. The writters who get published are chosen anonymously so you only get la crème de la crème chosen for each issue.

The idea behind the Biscuit Chinois name is that, at the end of each page, you have funny/weird sentences written. You could take all of them out (there’s a dotted line so you can rip them from the page) and make your own fortune cookies with them. Yum.

Of course, I got a lot of more things, but I’ll save them for later. 😉


I have such respect for the people behind the Expozine. It must be so time-consumming, yet they still do it after each year. Thank you so much for organizing this event as, after all, it is one of the only event in Montreal where small and indie artists can meet up and show their work.

2 Responses to “Montreal Expozine 2009”

  1. 1 Gabrielle December 3, 2009 at 11:24 pm

    Hi! I discovered your blog through a comment on iHanna’s blog. then i guess i can switch to french. J’ai vu ton proverbe en français, et en cliquant sur ton nom j’ai lu que tu étais montréalaise.. le monde est petit! tu es donc en design graphique à l’uqàm? (je termine mon bac en arts visuels et médiatiques)
    Et on m’a parlé de l’expozine dernièrement mais je n’ai pas eu le temps de chercher des infos là-dessus, j’ai juste le vague projet de faire un zine dès l’année prochaine et je n’ai pas trouvé beaucoup d’informations et d’inpiration sur internet jusqu’à présent. i hope i wasn’t wrong and you really speak french. glad to have discovered a montreal based blog 🙂

  2. 2 Fanie December 4, 2009 at 11:18 am

    Allô Gabrielle, 🙂

    Eh, oui! Je parle français, je suis démasquée! lol! 😉

    Je suis présentement des cours en ligne au Cégep de Trois-Rivières, en ligne. C’est un AEC en Design graphique. J’ai bien penser aller faire le BAC à l’UQAM et, sait-on jamais, peut-être que j’irai un jour? 🙂

    Voici un lien très intéressant si les zines t’intéresse:

    Je te suggère également d’aller sur le site de Elle aime beaucoup les zines et je suis certaine que tu peux trouver quelques ressources dans ses posts.

    Autre que le livre “Make a Zine”, dont je parle sur cette page. Je te suggère fortement “Stolen Sharpie Revolution”:

    Bonne recherche et bienvenue sur mon blogue! ^-^

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