Magazine review: Holiday cookies from Cuisine at home

I wanted to share my favorite cookie-recipe magazine, Holiday Cookies from Cuisine at home. I got it last year for the holiday and, of course, didn’t had the time to make *all* it’s great recipes.

Being a visual learner, I really appreciate all it’s very detailed “step-by-step” techniques.
And since english is not my first language, it makes me appreciate it even more! There are so many cooking terms that are extremely different that you can’t even “guess” what it is.

I am so looking forward to make theses cookies with Oli. 🙂 I convinced him to have a little “christmas cookie” making time with me during december.
I’m not sure if we’ll put all that much sugar on them, I may try something different.

Theses are Hawaian style cakes/cookies with coconut. They just look soooo good! Perhaps I’ll make them for the family.

You could give theses tea cookies along with a handmade cup and some tea next to it.
I’d make a great gift for coworkers. 🙂

I don’t know if I’d make theses ones as I am not too fond of the candy-cane kind. Too hard for the teeths, maybe? :-p
Thought they do have an amazing look!

Again, I think thoses would make another great gift for coworkers or friends.
Or maybe just some small bites at a Christmas party.

At the end of the magazine, they show you different ways and ideas on how to wrap the cookies for gift.
I love this one with a simple glass j and some ribbons! Voilà!

If it’s not available at your local magazine/book store, you can get it online straight from the Cuisine at Home store for 9.95$ (and free shipping! Woot!).

Oh, and I found it on Ebay as well.

Let the Christmas baking begin!


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