5 simple tips for artists & crafters to get in shape.

Awesome picture from Dennymont via Flickr.

… and why it’s good for us!

Since the new year started, I’ve been looking forward to get back in shape as I had some difficulty to manage my time with online school and my full-time job in 2009.

Spending more than 8 hours a day on a computer or a drawing table is everything BUT a healthy habit. :-/ Being an artist/crafter doesn’t excuse this. We all need to balance our life a little better.

I don’t know if you’ll find this useful or if this is related to this blog’s purpose, but I thought that I’d post it, anyway. It’s something that me and my creative friends often struggles with, so I thought that some of you might have the same problem, as well.


Here are some major benefits for us to get moving:

  • It gets your creative mind flowing and out of “clutter”.
  • You will have more energy, so you’ll produce more and better art/craft.
  • Your mood will get better so it will enhance your relationships with other creatives.

1. Choose something that you like.

It may seem like a “duh” thing here, but it’s very important to find an activity that appeals to you.

Don’t choose something just because you want to please your friend or because “it looks cool”. Be sincere at what you like and you’re much more likely to keep going.

2. Organize a group.

This shouldn’t sound as a surprise, but most of us love being with people and have fun interractions.

If you’re thinking about getting into a sport, tell the world.
Your friends, at your job, on social medias sites… you will certainly find at least one person who is interested in joining. Even more if you do this in january. (Eheh.)

The main advantage of organizing a group is that it will keep you going. You won’t want to let your group down and vice-versa. Overcome the couch potato!

3. Go with the season!

If you’re living in Canada where it’s -30 degree celcius (Hello, me!), you may not want to go for a run on the sidewalk.
For example, this year, me and some friends decided to go skating together after work. Not only has this proven to be a very effective way to keep us moving, but since it’s a seasonal, we know it won’t last forever. So we tend to go skating more often. 🙂

4. Hire a gym coach.

“But I don’t have money for this!” A common excuse. But I’m sure we all had the money to buy the latest craft supply or a new techie tool. Busted!
A coach can be a great source of motiviation if you’re planning your 6th membership to a gym you yet have to try. They will call you to make sure you’re going to your next meeting, will give you tips and answer all your newbie questions.

5. Still no money? Be creative!

Do what you’re best at; Look for an alternative way to keep you in shape.
There’s never been so many options availables. :

  • DVD’s. (Even Youtube have some demos & classes.)
    I found some interesting and different ones via World Dance New York. (Belly & tribal dances, hoop, etc.) Never tried them but I’m tempted!
  • Local YMCA &  clubs.
    They are often less expensives than specialized classes or at local gyms.
  • Start taking walks, go running, make an easy home-gym or use a Wii-fit!

Is there anything else you can think of? I’m sure there is. 🙂 Happy moving!

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1 Response to “5 simple tips for artists & crafters to get in shape.”

  1. 1 Amanda February 20, 2010 at 2:13 pm

    Thank you for posting this! I was just thinking how can I balance my life a bit better here? I also live in the bitter winter cold, but the sweltering hot sun in summer and I tend to blame the weather for my laziness. Even taking a nice stroll outside is so good for us! Also taking a camera out on a walk is a good way to capture an idea or piece of inspiration…I have been doing this with my lovely cell phone :)Love this post!

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