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Ebook review: Small Stitches

I wanted to talk about this cute little embroidery ebook from Carina I bought a couple of months ago, via her blog.

If you were thinking on getting into embroidery for 2010, this is a great ebook to get you started. (Or if you know someone who wants to!)

Here’s why I liked this ebook:

+ Great visual information/content. There are great pictures with each explanation of the stitche.
+ A simple, yet, colorful design of the ebook.
+ You can learn 11 pretty and useful stitches.
+ There are 9 patterns included in it which are all very pretty!
+ At 10.00$, it’s very affordable and worth the price if you want to start embroidery.

I already  knew the embroidery stitches and basics she showed, but I happily found some information I didn’t know of. And, I must say, I have a soft spot for crafty ebooks. 😉

Get Small Stitches at her Etsy shop!

And don’t forget to let me know if you have an ebook plan for 2010.
I would love to hear from your project! 🙂

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