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A 2010 match plan

Have I been away the net or what, lately? :-p

I’ve been spending some time with family during the holidays, and just as I was recovering from all of it, I caught a bad virus tfor the beginning of the new year, bleh! But I’m back, now! ^-^


Since 2010 has come, I’ve been trying to focus on the things I really want to do.

This is going to be a different posts from the ones you’re used to on this blog. It’s going about having a “match plan” and “focusing” on what you really wishes to do in 2010.

So, as I was thinking of this the other day, I had the idea of a circle cut in the way a pie would be.
Each “pie slice” would be an aspect of your life that you want to work on.

So I came with this very simple idea :

It’s a printer-friendly 2010 match plan for you to download.
There’s not much details in it for you to personalize it with images, drawings, stamps, colors… whatever suits your fancy. 🙂

I find it more appealing, visually, than the general “to-do” list.
And since this is a very simple circle, if you don’t have access to a printer, you could just draw it by hand.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Leisure times & sports:
    Have you been wanting to learn the hula hoop? Or is there a craft skill you still need to learn? Any classes or activities you wish to follow can find a  place here.
  • Travels:
    It doesn’t has to be Cuba or Italy, you may just wish to visit a friend who’s far from you or some family. It may be some simple vacations or a place that you always wanted to see, but never took the time to do so.
  • Work & Finances:
    You may wonder why I’ve put theses there. Reality is that, our job, takes the most of the time in our life. So it’s important to give it a little place in our future plan. Do you like your job? If so, that’s great! But if not, you may want to think about this.
    As for the finances part, the more you plan on how you’ll use your money, the better you’ll get at reaching your goal. You may start the year by setting yourself a *gasp* budjet or start by saving some money.
  • Friends & Family:
    Is there any friends you’d like to spend more time with? Facebook is not an option here. We’re talking about real quality time with friends and/or family. Perhaps you’d like to get new friends or retrieve old ones?
  • Spirituality:
    I realize that not everyone feels comfortable with this section. And it’s up to you to know if you want to go there or not. Spirituality may be just doing some meditation ,taking a walk or reading about it. Writes down what feels fine with you.
  • Creative projects:
    I saved the best for the last didn’t I? 😉 This is the part where you write the creative projects you’d like to do. Remember: Only for this year! Focus on some things you -really- want to do and write them down.


I realize that not everyone has “plans” and that it can be too scary or untouchable for some.
But I believe by setting ourselves small step-by-step goals and that we focus on them, there’s no way we can’t reach them.

Now, let’s see if I follow MY advices for 2010. :-p

Freebie: Christmas gift tag

In case you missed it, I collaborated with Dabbled and gave it’s readers a free Christmas gift tag.
You can download it via their blog. 🙂


Speaking of the Dabbled blog, Dot just made a super cute board game for kids (or yourself!) to download. It’s a great little stocking stuffer for this Christmas!

She did everything herself including instructions and, of course, the illustrations. Do check it out!

Freebies: Santa & Rudolf coloring page

A couple of years ago, I teached drawing to kids at the local library in my hometown of Napierville, a small village near the USA/Canadian border.

With the library, I also organized some craft workshop. One of them included this Santa & Rudolf drawing that I  made. They would color, cut and paste it on a paper gift bag. It made a nice personal Christmas bag to wrap a present in.

You could always do this craft, but I also made this drawing just as a regular coloring page.
And I added a speech bubble for the fun factor! ^-^

Do I need to mention you don’t need to be a kid to enjoy coloring this page? 😉

Click here or on the image to start the download. (PDF format)

Freebie: Christmas birds card!

I felt like drawing with my watercolors again and I made this Christmas-themed image, this Friday night.
After painting the birds with this bright blue color, I thought: “Hey, they look like Twitter birds!” :-p
The internet is getting way too much into my skin!

So, it didn’t take me too long before deciding to go ahead and make it as a Freebie Christmas card.

If you click on the image, or the link just over, you will be able to download it in a .pdf format.

Let me know how the download goes and if everything is fine. I’d love to know if and how you used this card. I may very well make some more!  🙂

Freebie: Twitter Bird

Here’s a freebie, the Twitter bird which you can see on my blog.
On my flickr account, I’m alson giving a link to one with a transparency background.

I realized I never gave it away, so here goes! Enjoy! 🙂

Candy bag project

I just wanted to show you what I’ve done with the free halloween sticker I’ve created.

I originally wanted to find brown craft bags, but couldn’t find any for some odd reasons. It’s funny how some simple things are so hard to find some times. :-/

I got thoses oranges halloween candy bags instead, which worked quite well. I printed the stickers, cut and glued them with solid glue.

I even added a Freebies page to the blog as I am planning to make more freebies during the year. 🙂 Yay.

Freebie: Halloween candy bag sticker

Here is a free halloween sticker that I made for you. 🙂

I made this sticker with the idea to decorate  thoses small brown paper bags that some of us use at Halloween, like theses:

But you could use it for any Halloween craft that fancy your mind, of course. 😉

Just click on the sticker image and you will be forwarded to my Flickr account where you will find it in 300 dpi (Printer friendly!) & free download.

You can print them on regular paper and just add some craft blue to make them stick.
Or you could buy thoses A4 size Avery sticker sheets they sell at your local stationery shop.


If I get good feedback on those kind of Halloween freebies, I may make some more. Just let me know if this is something you appreciate. 🙂

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