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Interview with… me. :-p

In case you’d like to read an interview I did for London Art girl’s blog, here it is:

Third tribe artist interview series: Fanie Gregoire.

Laura had some very interesting and insightful questions about my art and I had to take some time to answer them. I discovered some interesting things about myself as I was responding her interview. You should really check her art blog, it’s a great read!

I used to be part of the Third Tribe Marketing community. I tried it for three months but then realized I wouldn’t have much time to spend on it, so I left it. But I found they had some very interesting podcasts and ressources if you’re starting a blog or an online business. But it is also a pay per month service and I have some money choices to make. I’ll have to pay a studio, this year, so I need to save (more on this later! Wee!).  

I hope you’ll enjoy the interview! 🙂

Lampwork glass bead artist: Muriel Duval

This past Saturday, I went to a open-house studio that glass bead artist Muriel Duval organised.
I’ve known Muriel for some time now and it’s been great to see her style change over the years. I knew I just couldn’t miss this opportunity to see her work live! I always wondered how she made thoses glass beauties.

She’ve been making bead glasses since more than 5 years and her latest work includes long necklaces with sea inspired landscape.

Take a look at the amazing details in her beads!

I’ll just let her work speak for itself…

She makes adjustables rings, too…

…and earrings!
Like many beadmakers/jewelrers, Muriel started using already-made beads until the day she had enough of using the same beads as everyone else.
She wanted to use her creativity at it’s best in jewelry making.

And for the interested crafters out there, she also makes beads for you to buy.

Here’s a closer look at some of them.

She also took some time to show us how she makes glass beads. One sure thing, it takes a lot of practice to get the hang of it.

The flame that came out from her burner was going up to 2500 degrees fahrenheit.
( Just about 1300 degrees celcius!).

If you’d like to know more about Muriel and beadmaking, I strongly suggest you take a look at her bio on her website.
She goes into detail on how she works on making glass beads and her history on how she got interested in beadmaking at first.

By the way, she told me her website is going to have a little facelift in January. So you may wish to subscribe to her newsletter to know the latest details in this.

And if you’re from the area of Montreal/Laval (Québec), she offers all classes levels for the interested beadmaker. It’s a great gift idea for the crafter-who-has-everything!

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