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Survival guides for illustrators

I just received the brand new Illustrator’s survival guide from the AIIQ (Quebec’s illustrator’s association).

The one I’ve ordered is in french, so I asked if they had it in english and they told me they are waiting for the funds from the federal to be able to translate and produce it in english.

The inside illustrations are made by some the AIIQ’s members.

I really love that Mr. Frederick Back has one of his amazing illustration on the greeting page.
He’s the main artist behind the Oscar-winning animated film, The man who planted trees.

The book has a strange 7″ x 12″ format, which makes it hard to open and read for a long time, unfortunately.
But it is packed with valuable informations such as how much should you charge, copyrights, financial ressources , how to make your promotion and much more.

It is not something to read before going to bed as it is written in an informational way
But it is a good reference when you have specific questions about the illustration fieldwork.

Still, I believe every freelance illustrator should follow at least one course on starting a business, no matter how many entrepreneur books they reads.
This business for women classes have been extremely useful for me.

Similar books you may like if you’re an illustrator:

 And here is a good one in french:
–> Le guide du travailleur autonome

And here’s a FREE PDF  book offered by the Cultural human ressources council.
–> The art of managing your career.
You may order it in print for around 20$ . But you could also download it’s PDF files and print it for FREE. 🙂

And they also have a french version:
–> L’Art de gérer sa carrière

Happy reading!

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