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The crafty life comic in Craft Leftovers monthly

The new Craft Leftovers monthly is in Kristin’s shop and, guess what, I’m now a monthly contributor! 🙂

The The Crafty Life comic is now a regular feature in the zine and I hope you’ll like it. I’m also writing a new article for the zine, but I can’t talk about it yet. 😉

In the moment, I’ll be bringing you more comic goodness on the blog, I just need to organize my time better.

Speaking of time managing, if you’re blogging and you’re wondering how in the world you will manage your time to write more blog posts for 2010, Pam from Gingerbread snowflakes has an awesome tutorial about this.

Do check it out. 🙂

Why Art vs Craft?

First off, because I couldn’t believe there wasn’t one blog named like this. 😉

Secondly, I’ve always been torned between drawing and crafting.
One is an “art”, the others are “craft”. And, if you’re part of the crafty community, you’ve certainly heard about this neverending debate.

This blog will focuss on illustration and it’s related crafts:
Embroidery, printing, plushies, etc.

Since I am from Montreal, Canada, , I will also be talking about related events 

And I’m also planning on showing you some weekly drawings themes and a weekly comic.

Hope you’ll like it! And if you do, you can link back and comment. 🙂

Art vs Craft“? Not anymore!

Art vs is the blog where arts & crafts are no longer fighting!
It's about illustration, crafts & related events.

My name is Fanie and I’m a Montreal based illustrator & graphic designer. You may know me from drawing The Crafty Life comic in CLM. I ♥ comics, vegan food & ghost stories.

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