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Halloween at my workplace

I swear this is the last Halloween post for 2009. 😉 I just wanted to show you the pictures I took of my workplace’s awesome Halloween decorations.

One of my coworker did this amazing pumpkin painting. And she supposedly doesn’t have craft skills. Surprise, surprise!

Take a “look” (pun intended.) at what I had just in front of my computer. Dollarstore eyes with… red jello! And a little rat family! What a great way to greet clients. 😉

Another coworker did this super cool tombstone in front of one of the desks. There’s even some small squeletons on it.

This is a Dollarstore spider that we hanged and added some “spider nests” with it…

…which you can see right here. They were made using a white pantyhose, newspapers, dollarstore spiders and spiderwebs.

Ever wondered what to do with thoses piles of shredded documents? Use them to make some pumpkins! Such an office craft! ^-^

And, finally, here I am with my homemade Dorothy costume. Remember? I made the ruby red slippers and even did a Toto with this tutorial.

What we realized by organizing this Halloween day at the office, is that it’s a great way for coworkers to connect with each others. And the clients loved our decorated office!
It was fun for everyone and we’re already thinking about decorating for Christmas. Wee!

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