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Dr. Sketchy Montreal 2nd anniversary

The amazing Amber Ray for Dr. Sketchy MOntreal

On this sunny saturday, I went to Dr. Sketchy Montreal to draw the very inspiring Amber Ray.
She was in Montreal since the city is having it’s first Burlesque festival.
I should also mention that she is one of Dr. Sketchy’s founder favorite model. And we could see why, she had the most glittery costume I have ever seen!
(I’m sure the crafty chica would have loved her! 😉 )

If you do not know what Dr. Sketchy is, and are an avid drawer, you certainly are missing something.

To make it simple, it is a life-drawing event with, instead of having nude models, you get to draw sexy burlesques and costumed models.
There are contests, you can get a drink and it is in a very relaxed athmosphere.

I used to run the Montreal branch from 2007-2008. But as I was getting more busy, I decided to give it to someone who would love it as much as I did. And that’s when Georgiana told me she’d be interested in running the branch.

Since then, Georgiana (along with her partner Salim)  have done an amazing job  running the branch and, on this saturday, they celebrated Dr. Sketchy’s Montreal 2nd anniversary. Yay!


If you’re interested in going to a Dr. Sketchy, take a look to see if they’re in your city as they have over 90 branches all around the world.

And don’t forget to bring your sketchpad! 😉

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