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Ebook review: Small Stitches

I wanted to talk about this cute little embroidery ebook from Carina I bought a couple of months ago, via her blog.

If you were thinking on getting into embroidery for 2010, this is a great ebook to get you started. (Or if you know someone who wants to!)

Here’s why I liked this ebook:

+ Great visual information/content. There are great pictures with each explanation of the stitche.
+ A simple, yet, colorful design of the ebook.
+ You can learn 11 pretty and useful stitches.
+ There are 9 patterns included in it which are all very pretty!
+ At 10.00$, it’s very affordable and worth the price if you want to start embroidery.

I already  knew the embroidery stitches and basics she showed, but I happily found some information I didn’t know of. And, I must say, I have a soft spot for crafty ebooks. 😉

Get Small Stitches at her Etsy shop!

And don’t forget to let me know if you have an ebook plan for 2010.
I would love to hear from your project! 🙂

Illustration + embroidery= ♥

I love how embroidery and illustration blends so well together. Sure you can always use one of Sublime Stitching amazing patterns, but there’s nothing more personnal than using your very own art.

Here are some of my favorites embroidery + original illustration art on the Embroidery Flickr group

From Kittykill.
Simple designs are always very effective.

From Edisonrex.
Here’s a lovely match of print + embroidery.

From Audie
One day, I’ll learn how to fill my patterns!

From Mrs. Gibson
It must have taken so much time but the result is impressing.

From Laura Amiss
I am absolutely in love with this mixed-media piece. Illustration combined with fabric and embroidery. How more crafty can an illustrator get? 😀

From Apple & Eve
And I had to post at least one plushie. Think about this: Your plushie design + embroidery details= pure piece of art! This one’s details are amazing.

From Spicy Shots
You’ve problably seen this one from other blogs. In the following year, my little finger tells me Alice and her counterparts will be very trendy. Gee, I wonder why! 😉

I think the “lesson” we can learn from this post, is to always think out of the box. Think further of what you can do and never be afraid to combine crafts. The results may just surprise you!

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