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Halloween at my workplace

I swear this is the last Halloween post for 2009. 😉 I just wanted to show you the pictures I took of my workplace’s awesome Halloween decorations.

One of my coworker did this amazing pumpkin painting. And she supposedly doesn’t have craft skills. Surprise, surprise!

Take a “look” (pun intended.) at what I had just in front of my computer. Dollarstore eyes with… red jello! And a little rat family! What a great way to greet clients. 😉

Another coworker did this super cool tombstone in front of one of the desks. There’s even some small squeletons on it.

This is a Dollarstore spider that we hanged and added some “spider nests” with it…

…which you can see right here. They were made using a white pantyhose, newspapers, dollarstore spiders and spiderwebs.

Ever wondered what to do with thoses piles of shredded documents? Use them to make some pumpkins! Such an office craft! ^-^

And, finally, here I am with my homemade Dorothy costume. Remember? I made the ruby red slippers and even did a Toto with this tutorial.

What we realized by organizing this Halloween day at the office, is that it’s a great way for coworkers to connect with each others. And the clients loved our decorated office!
It was fun for everyone and we’re already thinking about decorating for Christmas. Wee!

Candy bag project

I just wanted to show you what I’ve done with the free halloween sticker I’ve created.

I originally wanted to find brown craft bags, but couldn’t find any for some odd reasons. It’s funny how some simple things are so hard to find some times. :-/

I got thoses oranges halloween candy bags instead, which worked quite well. I printed the stickers, cut and glued them with solid glue.

I even added a Freebies page to the blog as I am planning to make more freebies during the year. 🙂 Yay.

Halloween serie: 5 Halloween Makeup tips!

Oli aka “Smiling Skeleton” with his makeup I did for Halloween 2007

I’ve been facepainting for over 9 years (Yipes!) , so I thought it would only be fair to share some basics makeup tips for this Halloween.


1) Use water-based makeup only for facepainting.

It’s very important for your makeup to be water-based so it will be easy to take off.
The last thing you want to do after a huge Halloween night is to struggle to take your makeup off (and wake up in the morning with still some on! )

You may use a water-based brand like Snazaroo which you can find in your local art & craft store.

The only reason why you’d go for an oil-based product is because you want it to stay for a very long time and you already bought a good cleanser to take it off.


2) Use a makeup brush and sponges.

As funny as it sounds, it is much easier to use brushes instead of crayons. You can’t make small details with crayons and the lines always looks hard and uneaven.

Use the sponges if you have large areas to cover. You know, like white or green. 😉  It’s a lot faster!


3) Use cosmetic-safe glitters only.

It may look useful to use your craft glitters on your makeup, but please don’t! Theses glitters can irritate your skin and damage your precious eyes.

Cosmetic-safe glitters can be found at cosmetic counters or your local specialized makeup shop.They are very fine compared to regular craft glitters.

4)Practice before Halloween!

Don’t wait to try your material on October 31st, take some time to practice as well. Listen to a tutorial or look at pictures of the desired makeup and practice.

There are many good Halloween makeup tutorials on You Tube.

Yours truly facepainting on Halloween a couple of years ago.

5) If everything fails, hire a makeup artist!

You’ll be giving a job to a local artist AND your makeup is sure to be safe and awesome!

Look for a local makeup specialty shop in your town, they usually this service on Halloween. Or ask makeup cosmetic counters if they offer this. Usually with a minimum makeup purchase, they’ll do your makeup.

Or tell your friends on a social media site that you’re looking for a makeup artist. (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) You never know who knows who!

Halloween serie: Weekend crafts I’m up to

This week-end, I’ve been taking some little time to craft some Halloween projects I wanted to do for a long time.

It included this Bat garland from the Martha Stewart 2007 Halloween issue I wanted to try.
It’s so easy to make. You just need to make sure your cat won’t jump on it. 😉

And I finally gave a try at Diane‘s craft book: Kanzashi in bloom. Yay !

I made an orange & black Halloween Kanzashi because I wanted to have a brooch for my Halloween makeup artist costume. I love to wear accessories as kids loves them and it give something for them to look at while I’m facepainting them. 😉

Now, off to do some graphic design homeworks. :p

Halloween serie: How to make sparkly shoes

This year, I’ve decided to go as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I was lucky enough to find a very similar blue dress at a local thrift store. As for the top, I already had a white short-sleeves medieval blouse from this Renaissance Etsy shop, Fairest of them all.

The only thing missing was the famous ruby shoes.
I could have bought a pair from The wizard of oz costume shop (Yes, there’s an entire online shop dedicated to Wizard of oz costumes!) , but I had a budjet and didn’t want to spend too much.

So I got a vintage pair of marine shoes, from the same thrift store, that looked very much like Dorothy’s shoes except for it’s color.

The outside of the shoe is fabric, so I decided to paint them with Pebeo’s Setacolor paint for fabrics.

When it dried, I set the color with an iron. Not an easy task as shoes are not straight like fabric. There is probably a better way to do this (or other product to use). So if you know, it’d be nice if you could tell me. :-p

Then, I bought a bunch of red craft glitter and mixed it with the amazing Modge Podge glue.

The consistent of the glue was more “glitter with Modge Podge” rather than the other way around. :-p Repeat as needed.

Once it dried , I re-applied a second coat of Modge Podge to “secure” the glitters.
You don’t want to leave a glittery trail as you walk around.

This is a great tutorial if you need sparkly shoes of any color for a costume.

You could make  a pair for a 30’s era costume.
If you use black glitters, it could be some nice shoes for a lady vampire costume.

And here’s another great tutorial from the Craftster forums to make shoes with real sequins instead of glitters.

Oh, the possibilities!

Halloween serie: Montreal costume shops

Hey, local Montrealers! Only two weeks lefts before Halloween!
 I figured some of you may need some help to find a costume.

Depending of your budget, here’s my best addresses:

Joseph Ponton Costumes–>Costume rentals
Probably one of the most well-known and oldest place in Montreal for costume rentals. Opened since 1865, if you have a costume idea, they certainly have it. Rentals start around 50$ depending of your needs.

Johnny Brown–> Costume & makeup purchases & rentals
Thanks to Kim, she told me I forgot the amazing Johnny Brown shop! They have over 2000 costumes to sale and 1500 in rentals. It’s certainly worth the visit!
They also specialize in dance costumes and accessories. Just so you dance freak knows. 😉

Malabar–> Costume & makeup purchases & rentals
Opened since 1905, the second oldest costume and makeup shop in Montreal. They not only have new costumes but also some vintage that you can buy from. It’s been a little while since I’ve been there, but I do know they have a great selection.

Image In –>Costumes and makeup, no rentals.
Imagine has a great selection of new costumes, accessories and quality makeup. They have everything on one roof and you’re always sure to find something that you’ll like.

If you’re in recession mode, here’s your most interesting options:

Value Village/ Village des valeurs–> New and used costumes.
Value Village (Or Village des valeurs as it is known in Quebec) always have a great selection of vintage costumes at a very good price for Halloween.
Last year, I found an amazing 8$ old wedding dress for my dead vampire bride costume.

And if you haven’t seen this yet, Blair from Wise Craft did some awesome crafts tutorials for them.

Eva B. –> Thrift/vintage store & costume rental
Eva B. is a must if you’re looking for vintage clothing of all kind. It’s best to go when you have some time because the place is packed. It may be a little too much for some, but it’s a treasure for others.
Take note that their costume rental is on their second floor and they sometimes have coupons for a location.

You’re welcome! 😉

Halloween serie: Scary movies for chickens!

A friend of mine, who’s a big fan of Halloween, told me that him and his signifiant other were having a “Horror-movie-marathon” through all october.

I brought that idea to my own signifiant other and he loved it! So we decided to do the same.

One problem: I’m a chicken with horror movies!
So we decided to go with the scary-but-not-too-scary movie type.

Here’s a list to have a not-too-frightful Halloween time!

1-The Creepshow serie

I remembered them vaguely seing them when I was a kid and recently rediscovered them. The first two chapters are the best as the stories are written byStephen King and directed by George A. Romero (Dawn of the dead movie from 1979).
Each chapter has different small stories with a twisted ending. It may be fun to watch one story per night or to listen to it during an Halloween party.

2-Interview with the vampire

A classic in my book. Or is it a classic book? Nevertheless, it’s nice to watch a younger Brad Pitt struggling as a new vampire. Amazing costumes, great acting and storyline. If you read the books, you know how accurate the movie is to it. Not at all like it’s counterpart, Queen of the damned.

 I discovered this 1987 movie only recently. More than 20 years later… I’ve heard from it, but never took the time to see it. I haven’t read this one’s novel, but I’ve heard they are very differents.  Many lines from Jack Nicholson’s character are meant to stay in your head for a little while…

4-Tales from the crypt serie

Another creepy movie/television serie, probably inspired by the Creepshow one. I miss thoses kinds of short stories in today’s films and televisions. It was all about having a good storyline and a freaky ending that left you wondering. Which makes me think you should also check out the Twilight zone movie as well. Which has nothing to do with that Twilight movie. :-p


5-Corpse bride

Not really a horror movie, but surely one to watch during Halloween. When a murdered bride meet her living groom, nothing can stop her from being happy forever and after.
If you already liked Corpse Bride, I strongly suggest Coraline which was released earlier, this year.

I sell the dead

I’m cheating a little here since this movie is still running in independant film festivals. It currently is running at the Bram Stocker film festival in London. I saw it this summer at the Fantasia Film Festival and loved it as it has the same funny/horror mix as Creepshow and Tales from the crypt.
Here’s it’s screening schedule through the year.


Do you have any suggestions for my not-too-scary-movie Halloween marathon? 😀

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