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Halloween serie: Scary movies for chickens!

A friend of mine, who’s a big fan of Halloween, told me that him and his signifiant other were having a “Horror-movie-marathon” through all october.

I brought that idea to my own signifiant other and he loved it! So we decided to do the same.

One problem: I’m a chicken with horror movies!
So we decided to go with the scary-but-not-too-scary movie type.

Here’s a list to have a not-too-frightful Halloween time!

1-The Creepshow serie

I remembered them vaguely seing them when I was a kid and recently rediscovered them. The first two chapters are the best as the stories are written byStephen King and directed by George A. Romero (Dawn of the dead movie from 1979).
Each chapter has different small stories with a twisted ending. It may be fun to watch one story per night or to listen to it during an Halloween party.

2-Interview with the vampire

A classic in my book. Or is it a classic book? Nevertheless, it’s nice to watch a younger Brad Pitt struggling as a new vampire. Amazing costumes, great acting and storyline. If you read the books, you know how accurate the movie is to it. Not at all like it’s counterpart, Queen of the damned.

 I discovered this 1987 movie only recently. More than 20 years later… I’ve heard from it, but never took the time to see it. I haven’t read this one’s novel, but I’ve heard they are very differents.  Many lines from Jack Nicholson’s character are meant to stay in your head for a little while…

4-Tales from the crypt serie

Another creepy movie/television serie, probably inspired by the Creepshow one. I miss thoses kinds of short stories in today’s films and televisions. It was all about having a good storyline and a freaky ending that left you wondering. Which makes me think you should also check out the Twilight zone movie as well. Which has nothing to do with that Twilight movie. :-p


5-Corpse bride

Not really a horror movie, but surely one to watch during Halloween. When a murdered bride meet her living groom, nothing can stop her from being happy forever and after.
If you already liked Corpse Bride, I strongly suggest Coraline which was released earlier, this year.

I sell the dead

I’m cheating a little here since this movie is still running in independant film festivals. It currently is running at the Bram Stocker film festival in London. I saw it this summer at the Fantasia Film Festival and loved it as it has the same funny/horror mix as Creepshow and Tales from the crypt.
Here’s it’s screening schedule through the year.


Do you have any suggestions for my not-too-scary-movie Halloween marathon? 😀

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