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Adieu, bread & butter job…

Life has an interesting way of sending me messages, lately.

Yesterday, I’ve been told that there were some restructuration in the company and got laid off. Woah.

I am half-happy and half-sad.

Half-happy because, inside, I knew I wouldn’t stay forever in this job. Having  followed graphic design classes in the last year, I couldn’t stay too long in a regular cubicule job that had nothing to do with what my hearth desired. Not to mention it wouldn’t do good for my long-term career goals and projects.

Half-sad because you do get attached to the people and the place. I was a receptionnist, so I got to greet everyone each morning. Even thought I knew everybody at some different level, I still knew them.
Oh, and I could get free latte coffee… Yep, good times.

Right now, I am trying to focus on the good things coming up. I will have lots of choices to make in the following weeks/months, so this is certainly going to be one interesting ride.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll have more time to blog. :p


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