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5 drawing rules to live by

drawingPicture from Tygrax.

So, you’ve decided to pull up your sleeves and start drawing again. I’ll make it a little easier for you to start with thoses 5 simple rules to follow. With theses tips, there’s no way you cannot get over your matchstick characters addiction!

1) Practice, practice, practice.

 It’s the basic rule for every art field; practice makes perfect. No matter how talented you were at the beginning, practice is the one golden rule to live by.

2) It’s okay to copy… with the eyes.

You’ve certainly heard from the “no copy” rule. I’m certainly not telling you to copy directly, (even thought it can be an interesting exercice for the coordination!) but to copy with your eyes. Everyone drawer I know learned how to draw by drawing from something next to them. Either a comic book character or from a picture. So go ahead and start drawing that Spiderman! I know you always wanted to. 😉

3) Stop comparing yourself.

Don’t get discouraged because it’s not good like –insert name of famous artist here-.
It took them years, you cannot compare yourself to them. It’s like comparing oranges and apples. The only thing you can compare is the evolution of your work through the years.

4) Take constructive comments, not negative ones.

Negative comments gives you nothing and make you loose your precious drawing time. Not everyone will love what you do and some may never will.
Constructive comments will give you something to think of and will help you get better. It’s food for the drawing brain!

5) A good drawer is versatile.

Sure, you can have a “speciality”, but if you wish to be a really, really good drawer, you should be able to draw everything and anything. From portraits to landscapes and from Batman to Mickey Mouse. Once you can achieve this, you have one strong chord to your arc.

With theses rules, not only will you get better at drawing, but it will make everyone around you wonder how you got good so quickly! 😉

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