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Open source image editing softwares: Gimp & Picnik

Most illustrators & designers gets the whole Adobe suite for their work. But what if you currently don’t have the money for thoses expensives programs?
Open-sources softares comes to the rescue!

First off, they’re free! You have nothing to loose.

They are usually very effective for fast touch-ups of your images like cropping, resizing & simple lightning changes.

As with most open-source programs, there is usually a helpful online community around it. So if you have some problems with the softare, no worries, there will be nice people to help you.


I’ve recently used Picnik a lot for simple image lighting and resizing for this blog.
It’s fast, easy and the results are quite surprising!
See for yourself with that image change I did for my Matha Stewart Halloween 2009 review:

Original scan on the left & image changed with Picnik on the right.
Quite a difference, eh? (I’m Canadian. :-p)


Then you have Gimp which I know is used by many bloggers and artists out there.
I personnally haven’t tried it, yet. But I’ve heard many praises for it. 

And if you’re from the Montreal area,Studio XX offers a 12-hour Gimp class to get started with.


Do you know of more open-sources image retouching software? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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