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Halloween serie: Pumpkin candles craft

The other day, I remembered that I wanted to make this Martha Stewart Halloween craft from her 2007 special. Basically, it is re-melted candles in a small pumpkin/acorn squash.

It’s a great Halloween project, but mine didn’t turn out as well. :-p I’m sure yours will be better. Here’s what you need:

  • Small pumpkin (acorn squash kind)
  • Knife
  • Spoon
  • Melon baller (You may use a spoon, like I did. But they may be useful if you already have one.)
  • Old candles you would like to re-melt or regular craft candle wax (I used some soy wax I had.)
  • Candle wick with a metal tab at the end.
  • A sauce pan set over a pot of boiling water. (Bain-marie style)
  • Candle coloring wax (optionnal)

Remove the top of your acorn squash and start removing seeds and pulp with your spoon.

Take your melon baller (or spoon) to remove more pulp in vertical stripes to mimic the outside shape of your pumpkin. It’s a tricky part but once you get the hang of it, it’s all good.

While working on your pumpkin, melt the wax in a saucepan set over a pot of boiling water. I used my big Pyrex bowl in my tinyest pot. It works a wonder.

I also added an orange candle coloring piece of wax to give it an Halloween feel.

Once your wax will have all melted, you should be done carving your pumpkins. The melting time depends on how much wax you have, this may take about 30 minutes.

Pour the melted wax in your carved pumpkin.
Add the wick in your pumpkins right after. It won’t stand still at the beginning but, after a couple of minutes,  the wax will start “fixing” you will be able to place it the way you want it.

Let sit until squash is cool to the touch, about 4-5 hours. Peel away squash with a knife when it’s ready.


Okay, you may laugh. Here’s my pumkin “we didn’t turned out how you expected” candles:


Here’s my mistakes so you won’t make them:

1) I didn’t pour in enough wax in each pumpkin. Perhaps I should have made just one candle instead of two. :p
So make sure you put enough wax in your pumpkins.

2) My orange color looks a little fade. I should have put just a little more. So don’t be afraid to put too much color if you wish to.
And if you used some already colored candles, it will have a more “natural” look.

I am sure  yours will turn out better than mines. 😉

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