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Halloween serie: 5 Halloween Makeup tips!

Oli aka “Smiling Skeleton” with his makeup I did for Halloween 2007

I’ve been facepainting for over 9 years (Yipes!) , so I thought it would only be fair to share some basics makeup tips for this Halloween.


1) Use water-based makeup only for facepainting.

It’s very important for your makeup to be water-based so it will be easy to take off.
The last thing you want to do after a huge Halloween night is to struggle to take your makeup off (and wake up in the morning with still some on! )

You may use a water-based brand like Snazaroo which you can find in your local art & craft store.

The only reason why you’d go for an oil-based product is because you want it to stay for a very long time and you already bought a good cleanser to take it off.


2) Use a makeup brush and sponges.

As funny as it sounds, it is much easier to use brushes instead of crayons. You can’t make small details with crayons and the lines always looks hard and uneaven.

Use the sponges if you have large areas to cover. You know, like white or green. 😉  It’s a lot faster!


3) Use cosmetic-safe glitters only.

It may look useful to use your craft glitters on your makeup, but please don’t! Theses glitters can irritate your skin and damage your precious eyes.

Cosmetic-safe glitters can be found at cosmetic counters or your local specialized makeup shop.They are very fine compared to regular craft glitters.

4)Practice before Halloween!

Don’t wait to try your material on October 31st, take some time to practice as well. Listen to a tutorial or look at pictures of the desired makeup and practice.

There are many good Halloween makeup tutorials on You Tube.

Yours truly facepainting on Halloween a couple of years ago.

5) If everything fails, hire a makeup artist!

You’ll be giving a job to a local artist AND your makeup is sure to be safe and awesome!

Look for a local makeup specialty shop in your town, they usually this service on Halloween. Or ask makeup cosmetic counters if they offer this. Usually with a minimum makeup purchase, they’ll do your makeup.

Or tell your friends on a social media site that you’re looking for a makeup artist. (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) You never know who knows who!

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