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Handcarved stamps with your drawings

Here is some inspiration to get you started with stampmaking.
You know you always wanted to… 😉

From ChiekoY.
Just in time for Halloween, I’m amazed with ChiekoY’s cute handmade stamps.
Which, by the way, you can get in her Etsy shop.

From Girls are crying.
You could also get a more realistic look depending on the image you’re using for the carving.
Notice how she carved an extra tongue to add some colors on it.

From Neovictorian.
And who said you need to use paper when stamping?
If you use paint fabric, you could make a very cute and simple shirt for kids.

From JamesBlonde.
And you could also make some handmade paper wrapping with your stamps.
It takes some time, but it can be done. (P.S. Robot love, here. ♥)

From Kirkus.
And look how useful this stamp is! I wish I could have thought of this before.

From Tilde.
And here’s another mixed-media look. 🙂 Love it.


If you’d like to see more “stamp-inspiration”, check out the Stamp your art out Flickr group.
There are some very inspiring and awesome work over there. 🙂

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