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Montreal street art

Picture from Terriko

One thing I really enjoy about living in Montreal, is all the beautiful street art around.
Sure, not all of them are great pieces of art. I personnally don’t like the “tags” types.  But some of them are worth the stop.

Picture from Dons

This one must have taken so much time. I love her softness. It’s very different from what you’re used to see.
Picture from Christian et cie.

She looks like some kind of mermaid. I love the use of blue and green.

Picture from JFrosty

This one reminds me of the Scream movie. :-p

Picture from Christian et cie.

I must have a thing for faces illustration since it’s what I’m showing the most.

Picture from Picantico

And let’s not forget the ultimate  montreal public art: our metro!(The subway! 😉 )
Each one of them is different and you will find public art everywhere. More on this in a later post.

If you wish to see more, head over to the Flickr group:Montreal Street Art || Art urbain de Montréal.

Is there some street art that you like in -your- city? Share them with us!

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