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I’d like to post more drawings, comics and the such but I don’t have access to my drawing table most of the time, unfortunately. I  need to find a way to organize my time a little differently. :-/
Any suggestions on how you bloggers work this out?

In the meanwhile, here are some inspiring blogs you should visit:


Over at Dabbled, you’ll find tons of crafty tutorials and ressources. This blog have been around for quite awhile but I just recently discovered it.


The name says it all, it’s the graphic fairy! Lots of vintage images for your personnal creations. It makes me want to take a look at thoses old books again.


I’ve known Nati’s work for a few years, now. She is an italian illustrator and I stumbled on her work when I was in my Anne Rice frenzy. :-p She had done some great illustrations of the novel’s characters. Now, she’s working on her own work and it’s always an inspiration. Do, check it out!


If you’d like me to do a tiny review of your blog via this serie, just let me know via the contact form.
If I like what I read and see, there’s very good chances I’ll write about it. 🙂

Worth-a-click blogs

Here are some worth-a-click blogs.  Enjoy! 🙂


Illustrophile is a magazine-type blog who features different illustrator’s work and interviews with them.
It started in 2007 by Toronto-based illustrator Charlene Chua.
Head over to know more about worlwide fellow illustrators.


Freelance Folder is also a magazine-type blog. With different subjects about the freelance world. Either if you wish to start working freelance or if you’re already set up as a freelance artist, this site will prove to be useful with useful tips and tricks.


Papercrave is my latest crafty blog crush. I love her attention for details and design in paper and paper accessories. Since it’s “Back to school” time, this is a great blog to visit to be inspired and to even make some desk purchases.

Art vs is the blog where arts & crafts are no longer fighting!
It's about illustration, crafts & related events.

My name is Fanie and I’m a Montreal based illustrator & graphic designer. You may know me from drawing The Crafty Life comic in CLM. I ♥ comics, vegan food & ghost stories.

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