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Freebie: Christmas gift tag

In case you missed it, I collaborated with Dabbled and gave it’s readers a free Christmas gift tag.
You can download it via their blog. 🙂


Speaking of the Dabbled blog, Dot just made a super cute board game for kids (or yourself!) to download. It’s a great little stocking stuffer for this Christmas!

She did everything herself including instructions and, of course, the illustrations. Do check it out!

Share your favorite christmas memorabilia

I’d like to try something different and inspiring today.
As I was browsing through my art supplies, I realized that I’ve had this christmas themed box for quite some time, now.

If it wouldn’t be for the date written on it, I wouldn’t know I’ve had this box for that many years.

I must have been 11 years old and I still remember being in the grocery shop, asking my mom to get this beautiful tin box. I made a point that there were Oreos inside that could be eaten, as well. 😉

When I take a close look at this box, I think I had some good visual taste for an 11 years old. There are so many beautiful details in it, the original image must have been handpainted, for sure. Image softwares certainly weren’t as performing as today.
Oil or acrylic? Perhaps some mix media? Only the unknown artist knows for sure.

It’s not in perfect shape and got some scratches, but it survived the years from being a “Secret box” to today’s full-time job as an art-supply carrier in my little workspace.

It’s probably even a treassure for some ebay collectors. I like it, not because of it’s monetary value, but for all the memories it brings back to me as I get a little older, one christmas after another.

And you? Do you have any special christmas memorabilia? Would you like to share it with the rest of us?

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